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      Hello and welcome to the Hylian Help Desk! Our mission is to provide you with the very best Legend of Zelda related content. Whether it is news on upcoming games, guides and walkthroughs to help you navigate tricky situations, or even Legend of Zelda media(no matter how obscure)! Feel free to browse the site, post on the forums, look through our Media Gallery, or check out our Rare Zelda Auctions.


Rare Zelda Auctions
Check out the Rare Zelda Games & Merchandise page. Updates daily with all new items.
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Spirit Tracks: December 7!
Nintendo has announced that Spirit Tracks will be hitting stores on December 7th of this year in time for the holiday season.
15 Sep 2009 by | Comment (1)

A Link To The Past Content Update
I've spruced up much of the Link To The Past content with new info and images. Stay tuned for more!
30 Jul 2009 by | Comment (2)

Guitar Tabs
Just uploaded over 60 Guitar Tabs which are now available for download! They used to be a very popular feature on the old site so I hope you all enjoy!

I've also restored the ability to comment on news updates as it broke a few days ago.
22 Jul 2009 by | Comment (1)

Media Gallery is online!
The Media Gallery is up and working! So far I've added just over 500 images but a lot more are being prepped for upload tomorrow. The gallery is integrated with our forums so if you join the forums you will also get an account in the gallery which lets you have your own albums to upload images in. Also, check out the Community Uploads area where anyone is free to upload.

The Hylian Help Desk also has two more affiliates today Zelda Now and WZMR, an online Zelda music station!
21 Jul 2009 by | Comment (0)

We now have our very own message boards! Every one should definitely check them out, it's a small forum now but hopefully it will grow in the future. Visitors should note, guests can post and interact on the forums WITH OUT registration!

Additionally, we have affiliated with North Castle and Ordon Village. Two great sites!
19 Jul 2009 by | Comment (0)

Media Gallery
Work is starting on the Media Gallery, so hopefully it should be ready within a few days. Also, a search feature has been added so just click on the "Site Search" link to the left.

The site's news system was exploited yesterday which resulted in me being unable to access it and the loss of all our comments(only three).
17 Jul 2009 by | Comment (0)

Other Games and Affiliates
The "Spin Offs and Others" page has been made and each game featured has been given it's own game page. I wasn't planning to make any sort of content for those games, but I've changed my mind. Expect some updates on that soon.

In other news, we have affiliated with LOZ, Zelda Temple, and Zelda Eternity so be sure to check them out!
16 Jul 2009 by | Comment (0)

The Hylian Help Desk is back!
After a few years of this site laying stagnant, I'm proud to announce its return. As you will have noticed, the site is sporting a new design and has been moved to a new host. Many improvements have been made, and will be made, so stay tuned.

Spread the word of our return! And hit read more for the complete guide to whats been changed, and whats coming soon to the Hylian Help Desk.
14 Jul 2009 by | Comment (0)

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The first Zelda game was released in 1986. Since then there have been massive technological advancements that have improved graphics and brought us a wide variety of games such as bingo and other arcade games. You can visit poshbingo.co.uk to play awesome bingo games, and there are many sites for arcade games out there. Still, gameplay has not suffered despite these technological advancements, as Zelda is the same great game it has always been.


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