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Papercraft is basicly making a 3D object from paper. Papercraft is really big in Japan so just about all the instructions will be in Japanese. Thankfully for all of us who can't read Japanese papercraft is rather self explanatory so you should not have a hard time(unless cutting,folding and gluing are not your thing).

Four Swords Link
This should be relatively easy for every one to make. Scaned from a Japanese magazine with featured high quality papercraft. The same magazine also had nine other Zelda(Wind Waker)papercrafts but sadly no one seems to have any sort of scans for them.

Wind Waker Link
This one was actually confusing and hard to follow so I have not even attempted to make it. If you want to give it a go be my guest.

The Goron model is really simple to put together so I dont foresee any one having many(if any) problems. It's from www.gotorion.com but the site seems to be "broken" so you cant even download it from them any more. Be glad we have it.

Princess Zelda
This is an amazing Princess Zelda papercraft. It's highly detailed and comes with a great set of instructions which are in english. I would not recommend this papercraft for a beginner. Credit goes to Ninjatoes for making this.


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